Real time X-Ray inspection provides a non-destructive technique to analyze complex structures of varying densities. Internal inspection of a sample can be performed with submicron defect recognition at the highest magnification (5450X) and resolution. Samples can be viewed from 0 45 degree angle with capability to view 360 degrees around any position over entire inspection area.

Quick turn BGA rework service. 

Your circuit boards can be reworked, X Ray inspected and shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

System inspection can provide:

  • Percent of Die Attachment

  • Voiding

  • Solder Sphere Formation

  • Solder Ball Diameter Measurement

  • Micro Cracks

System Capabilities:

  • State of the Art Image Inspection
  • Submicron spot size
  • Automatic void identification and measurement software
  • System magnification up to 5450X
  • Digital Imaging in multiple formats
  • Oblique angle view 0 70 degrees
  • Inspection area 18 X 16

  Shorts across solder joint



          Xilinx Tilt




 Memory chip showing
solder ball and
wirebond connection